Sharing our expertise in optimising the design, implementation and analysis of MAMS trials is very important to us, as it ensures that the benefits of these novel designs are applied to a diverse range of disease areas.

To share our experience of the MAMS design, we have developed several resources including software updates, papers, book chapters, and tutorials. We also run MAMS courses periodically, and we provide advice on MAMS design through the ‘MAMS clinic’.

MAMS courses

The next MAMS courses will be advertised on the UCL-ICTM website.

MAMS videos/tutorials

We have several recordings available online:

  • Workshop tutorials covering different aspects of MAMS platform trials - introduction, motivation, analysis, etc. They are available in the link below.

Watch workshop tutorials for MAMS trials

  • Workshop tutorials on nstage examples

Watch workshop tutorial on nstage examples

  • Recordings from the MRC CTU at UCL Symposium ‘Innovative phase III randomised clinical trial designs’ (2023). It covered trial designs that have successfully been used to address multiple research questions including MAMS, MAMS-ROCI, PRACTical designs. You can watch the recordings and download the slides in the link below. 

More about the Symposium.

MAMS Clinic

We run the ‘MAMS clinic’, an advisory service on how to optimise the design, implementation, and analysis of your MAMS randomised platform trial. 

Visit our MAMS Clinic page for more information.

List of MAMS references

Selected MAMS publications:





Book chapter