MAMS Clinic

Sharing our expertise in Multi-Arm Multi-Stage (MAMS) trials and platform protocols


We run the "MAMS Clinic". This is an advisory service on how to optimise the design, implementation, and analysis of your multi-arm multi-stage (MAMS) randomised platform trial. We provide advice on how to maximise the efficient of testing several treatments for you and the community.

This initiative is led by our MAMS experts, including Prof Mahesh Parmar and Dr Babak Choodari-Oskooei. Our team can further advice on practical implementation. 

The sessions are usually online and have a duration of one hour approximately. 

In the short time we have been running the MAMS Clinics, we have provided advice to researchers from several institutions, including Ulm University (Germany), University of Rotterdam (the Netherlands), University of Nottingham (UK), University of Cambridge (UK), Bern University Hospital (Switzerland), Bradford Institute for Health Research (UK).

The MAMS Clinic is an outstanding opportunity to discuss complex design problems with real experts, their support helped us a lot!

Professor Dr Benjamin Mayer - Ulm University, Germany


During our first discussion, Prof Parmar and Dr Choodari immediately understood what we had in mind and were able to tease out problems and potential solutions. They helped us shape and develop a strong trial design that fitted our representations. In addition, their expertise was crucial in guiding our development of a research proposal that effectively communicated our ideas to the funding agency. On top of it, these discussions were friendly, collegial, and fun

Gilles Wandeler, MD MSc - Bern University, Switzerland

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