We cover a number of infectious diseases

Our studies cover a number of infectious diseases, including:
  • Hepatitis C
  • HIV
  • Influenza (flu)
  • Pneumonia
  • Tuberculosis


We also do research on syndromic infections

These illnesses are identified by a combination of symptoms. It may not always be possible to identify the microbe that causes it. We focus on:
  • How to treat children who come to hospital very sick in Africa
  • Bacterial sepsis and drug resistance
  • Syndromic infections in high-income countries (including Kawasaki Disease)

The areas that we cover


Our work includes studies on HIV diagnosis strategies, vaccines and functional cure, as well as treatment strategy trials.

Hepatitis C

Our research focuses on identifying strategies to successfully cure more patients with hepatitis C.


Our tuberculosis research looks at prevention, treatment simplification, and the treatment of complicated cases.


We are working on developing several studies looking at COVID-19.


Our flu research includes studies to better understand the disease, and test new treatments.

Bacterial infection

Our research includes trials on treating drug resistant TB and other infections.


We are doing trials to find out which drugs to use and how long for in children with bacterial pneumonia.

The Acutely Sick Child

Our research aims to help improve clinical outcomes and provide an evidence base for future treatment guidelines for these children.

Other Research Areas


We also look at various other areas of research.