Our Vision

We aim to improve cancer survival and decrease cancer morbidity by designing and implementing innovative late phase studies that have a major impact on clinical practice and are relevant across all economic settings.

We specialise in adaptive studies that evaluate more than one primary research hypothesis to increase efficiency. These include multi-arm multi-stage (MAMS) platforms, umbrella and basket trials, and the new duration design, primarily in the phase III setting.


Our Programmes

Two integrated programmes of activity

Evaluating New Health Technologies

We aim to translate the rapidly evolving knowledge of cancer biology and cutting-edge science into clinical benefit for cancer patients. We develop projects, often in collaboration with industry partners, to bridge the gap between research discoveries and patient benefit.

Evaluating Existing Health Technologies to Deliver More Affordable and Effective Care

We concentrate on the pressing need to have a wider range of effective anticancer therapies and preventative strategies that are accessible to cancer patients, no matter where in the world they are. We focus on cancers with a high burden in low and middle income countries, cost-effective therapies including repurposed agents, and using surgery and radiotherapy more efficiently. We also investigate cancer prevention strategies. Integral to this programme are our capacity building activities in clinical research methodology, particularly in India.

Our Studies in Cancer


Can regular aspirin use after standard therapy prevent disease recurrence and prolong survival in participants with common, non-metastatic solid tumours?


Can Artificial Intelligence (AI) transform the way we plan radiotherapy treatment globally?


Aiming to find out whether taking one drug (durvalumab) or a combination of two drugs (durvalumab and tremelimumab) can prevent or delay kidney cancer coming back.


Are immunotherapy drugs as effective if we give them less often?


A trial that aims to find the best treatment for people with advanced prostate cancer.


A randomised controlled platform trial testing treatments in metastatic hormone sensitive prostate cancer.


Speeding up the evaluation of therapies for metastatic hormone-sensitive prostate cancer.


Investigating whether screening can impact on ovarian cancer mortality.

Open Cancer Studies

Our unit have been conducting trials in cancer for over 20 years.

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Past Cancer Studies

Our unit have been conducting trials in cancer for over 20 years.

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