We develop and deliver webinars, short courses and workshops to enhance to skills of trial teams we work with across the globe

Capacity Strengthening Hub

The MRC Clinical Trials Unit Capacity Strengthening Hub on The Global Health Network was launched in January 2023. The Hub provides resources for those running clinical trials worldwide. New training opportunities and short courses are regularly advertised. A key aim is to widen reach and linkage between clinical research networks in low- and middle-income countries.

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MRC CTU at UCL Capacity Strengthening Hub

The Hub features:

  • Resources: More than 300 freely accessible guidance documents, talks, videos, podcasts and templates on all aspects of running clinical trials and studies.
  • WebinarsUsers can register for live webinars and watch recordings of previous ones
  • Essential reading lists with certification: A pilot list titled Setting up a Trial was launched in November 2023.
  • LMIC mentoring scheme.

Study bursaries for residents of low- and middle-income countries

Bursaries for remote study on our MSc Clinical Trials and MSc Statistics in Clinical Trials courses:

Four trial staff are currently enrolled from Uganda, South Africa and Zimbabwe.

Bursaries for PhD training:

Two studentships have been awarded for trial staff to undertake PhDs in India and Uganda.

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“I have trained my workmates on how to organise the study files; investigator site files; how to write notes, both counsellors notes and clinician's notes. And so many things.”
- Bursary recipient, 2023

The visits support “equitable collaborative relationships between MRC CTU staff and those working in recruiting sites”.
- Bursary recipient, 2023

Short courses

We provide access to current short courses run by the UCL Institute for Clinical Trials and Methodology (ICTM) for partners from low- and middle-income countries through waiver (five participants per course annually) and reduction of fees.

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Visits and exchanges

The Unit hosts numerous visitors from clinical trial units and teams across the globe. We consider this a priority in building domain expertise and leadership. Visits are tailored to the needs of the individual and their team. In addition, our staff often spend time with partner organisations in low- and middle-income countries to support knowledge exchange.

Bursaries are provided for some visits and exchanges between MRC Clinical Trials Unit and partners. In 2023, 12 visits were funded involving the Unit and sites in South Africa, India, Vietnam and Zimbabwe.