This year we are celebrating 25 years of smarter studies, global impact, and better health. '25 at 25' is a series of articles highlighting 25 of our major achievements.

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Prostate cancer cases expected to double worldwide between 2020 and 2040, new analysis suggests

Researchers from the MRC Clinical Trials Unit at UCL have contributed to the new Lancet Commission on prostate cancer.

05 Apr

New animation clears up GDPR for research participants

We have produced a new animated video to help children and young people understand GDPR when they are being asked to take part in a clinical trial.

25 Mar

New classification of tuberculosis to support efforts to eliminate the disease

For World TB Day, a new way to classify tuberculosis (TB) that aims to improve focus on the early stages of the disease was presented by an international team involving researchers from the MRC Clinical Trials Unit at UC…

24 Mar

'25 at 25': Shortening treatment for tuberculosis

For our 25th anniversary celebrations, we look back at our clinical trials which have helped deliver shorter treatment regimens for the millions of people around the world who fall ill with tuberculosis every year.

22 Mar

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Research Themes

Cancer cells


Innovative clinical trial design and meta-analysis extending beyond the boundaries of single cancer types



Major international clinical trials answering questions of global public health significance

Neurodegenerative diseases

New generation of innovative multi-arm multi-stage trials to identify and test new therapeutic treatments in neurodegenerative diseases (NDD)


Development of methods with direct impact on the design, conduct and analysis of studies



Other Research & Policy

This section will capture projects outside the current QQR themes