We take our environmental impact seriously

We are committed to reducing our impact on the environment in our offices at 90 High Holborn. To achieve that, we are implementing many activities as part of our work within the UCL’s Green Impact scheme. This is an award-winning programme that supports environmentally and socially sustainable practices.

Each year, we assess our progress towards minimising our carbon footprint and adopting greener practices in the workplace. In the 2022-23 academic year, we obtained the Green Impact Silver Award.

Following Sustainable UCL principles, we are involved in running our workplace sustainably, inspiring action within the community and allowing debates for more sustainable solutions. As part of UCL, we are committed to achieving its six headline commitments by 2024, which include:

  • Opportunities for students to study and be involved in sustainability;
  • Increased sustainability research;
  • Net zero carbon buildings, with the entire institution to be net zero carbon by 2030;
  • Single-use plastic-free zone;
  • Reduce waste per person by 20%;
  • Create 10,000m2 of more biodiverse green space on campus.

Some of the actions we have already taken as part of the Green Impact programme include:


Succulent plant on a table

By default, all printing in the office is black and white, double-sided, and printed on recycled paper. During holiday periods, we run ‘switch off’ campaigns to reduce the energy consumption. Staff are encouraged to keep office plants that improve indoor air quality and wellbeing.


UCL recycling poster: Rubish, plastic and food waste

We collect mixed recyclables, food waste, electrical waste, and used batteries to minimise the amount of non-recyclable waste going to landfill or incineration. We collect IT hardware separately for specialist recycling. Our old but still-working laptops are rebuilt in-house and re-distributed to staff at our clinical trials sites in developing countries


UCL University

To raise awareness of the personal impact on the environment and how to reduce it, all staff must complete a sustainability eLearning course when they join. They also carry out their duties in a resource-efficient way and actively support UCL’s Sustainability Strategy.

Power by plants

Close-up of various colourful raw vegetables

We are 'Powered by Plants'. We work with suppliers who provide Fairtrade, sustainable and vegetarian options wherever possible. The sustainability of catering is also considered when we hold meetings externally.

Sustainable Transport

Painting of a bike symbol on pavement

We promote the UCL's Cycle Scheme which allows staff to purchase a tax-free bike and provides discounts on bike rental subscriptions in London. There is secured parking in the building and the office has a changing facility with showers. We encourage sustainable transport for staff to travel. Where a journey can be completed by train, such as national and near-international travel, staff will be encouraged to do so.


People taking a video call in a meeting room

All meeting rooms are equipped to take video conference calls, in order to accommodate hybrid working and help reduce the environmental impacts of staff traveling to meetings.


Sport shoes walking close-up

We also run events to promote sustainable and environmentally friendly actions. Recently, these have included:

  • Lunch-time walks
  • A book swap event