Radical prostatectomy vs radical radiotherapy vs no immediate treatment for localised prostate cancer: a randomised controlled trial

What is the best way to care for men with prostate cancer?

What was this study about?

The PR06 trial aimed to find out the best way to treat men with prostate cancer before it begins to cause problems. The trial looked at 3 different ways of treating people:

  • An operation
  • Radiotherapy
  • No immediate treatment, but careful monitoring by a doctor

What difference did this study make?

It was not possible to decide which of the 3 different treatments was best, because so few men took part in the trial.

This study led doctors and researchers to think much more about issues about consent and participation. A later trial, called ProtecT is currently looking at the best treatments for prostate cancer before it starts to cause problems.

Type of study

Randomised trial

Contact details

Who funded the study?

This trial was funded by the Medical Research Council.

When did it take place?

This trial opened to recruitment in 1994 and closed to recruitment in 1996.

Who was included?

This trial aimed to recruit 1800 men in 3 years. In fact only 35 men were recruited. This seemed to be because doctors were unwilling to ask men to take part in the trial. When they did ask them, many men did not agree to take part.