MRC CTU at UCL Symposium - "Innovative phase III randomised clinical trial designs"


The “Innovative phase III randomised clinical trial designs” symposium took place in June 2023. The symposium covered three areas that have successfully been used to address multiple research questions under one master protocol:

  1. Multi-arm multi-stage (MAMS) randomised platform trials
  2. MAMS-ROCI (aka DURATIONS) designs
  3. Personalised Randomised Controlled Trial (PRACTical) designs.

You can watch the recordings of the talks by clicking on the buttons below. They are organised by sessions. 

MAMS platform trials: motivation, strategic and practical issues (Max Parmar)

MAMS platform trials: statistical and designs issues (Babak Oskooei)

 Application to abdominal surgery (ROSSINI 2) (Tom Pinkney)


 Designing Octopus with people affected by MS (Susan Scott)


Panel discussion (Jeremy Chataway, Max Parmar, Babak Oskooei, Tom Pinkney, Susan Scott)


MAMS-ROCI: motivation and idea (James Carpenter)


MAMS-ROCI: design and analysis challenges and recommendations (Matteo Quartagno)



Application to an antibiotic trial: PediCAP (Michelle Clements)


Application to cancer trials: the REFINE basket trial (Duncan Gilbert)


Panel discussion (Ruth Langley, James Carpenter, Matteo Quartagno, Michelle Clements, Duncan Gilbert)

PRACTical trials: motivation (Sarah Walker)


PRACTical trials: analysis and sample size determination (Becky Turner)

Application to neonatal sepsis: NeoSEP1 (Michael Sharland)


Application to snakebite treatments: ANYSNAKES (David Lalloo)


 Panel discussion (Ian White, Sarah Walker, Becky Turner, Michael Sharland, David Lalloo)