Our research at The Union World Conference on Lung Health

13 Nov 2023

This week, researchers from around the world will gather in Paris for The Union World Conference on Lung Health, held from 15-18 November in Paris, France. The theme for 2023 is 'Transforming evidence into practice', emphasising the need to implement evidence-based health policies and decisions.

The MRC Clinical Trials Unit at UCL and our collaborators from other institutions will showcase the latest advances from our tuberculosis (TB) clinical trials, including SURE, STREAM Stage 2, TB-CHAMP and PARADIGM4TB, as well as work on developing a new conceptual framework for the different states of early TB.

Details of the presentations are summarised below. All times are CET.

Working group side meetings:

Day Session Title Presenter
Tuesday 14/11/23 Child and Adolescent TB Working Group (World Health Organization) SURE trial update and challenges with recruitment and diagnosis Julie Hyunh
Wednesday 15/11/23 Maternal and Child TB Working Group Clinico-radiological spectrum and results of CSF mycobacterial testing in pediatric tubercular meningitis at diagnosis- baseline findings from the SURE trial Suvasini Sharma

Union conference main programme:

Day Time Session Title Presenter
Wednesday 15/11/23   3:37 PM OA06: Safety of regimens for R-R

Predictive analyses of QT prolongation from ECG monitoring in the STREAM Stage 2 trial

Gareth Hughes
3:47 PM SP06: Progress and innovation in developing shorter treatment regimens for people with TB Duration-ranging in phase 2 trials: UNITE4TB and the MAMS-ROCI design  Angela Crook
5:26 PM 0A07: Treatment outcome of all oral-short course regimens for RR-TB Long-term outcomes in STREAM Stage 2: A phase 3 trial in rifampicin-resistant TB  Ruth Goodall
Thursday 16/11/23  10:38 AM LB02: The Union/CDC late-breaker session on TB

Efficacy and safety of levofloxacin preventive therapy in child and adolescent household contacts of multidrug-resistant tuberculosis: The TB-CHAMP double blind placebo-controlled, cluster randomised trial

Anneke Hesseling
6:38 PM SS10 BENEFIT Kids: Better evidence and formulations to improve multidrug-resistant tuberculosis treatment in children TB-CHAMP: efficacy and safety of levofloxacin for MDR-TB prevention for children Anneke Hesseling
Friday 17/11/23   10:20 AM SP28: An International Consensus on Early TB (ICE-TB) – the path to programmatic impact An International Consensus for Early TB (ICE-TB): Results from the first Early TB Symposium Asad Zaidi
10:57 AM Interventions for early TB: Developing interventions for a new framework Hanif Esmail
6:49 PM SS17: Rethinking clinical trial design to accelerate improved treatment options for TB-affected communities UNITE4TB-01: A new PARADIGM of evaluating novel drugs Hanif Esmail

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