New podcast episodes on the STAMPEDE prostate cancer trial

10 Aug 2023

Three Trial Talk episodes focusing on the STAMPEDE clinical trial have been released! 

STAMPEDE is a long-running trial in advanced prostate cancer, in which nearly 12,000 men have taken part. Thanks to its multi-arm multi-stage platform design, STAMPEDE has tested many different treatments and directly led to improvements in the standard of prostate cancer care several times. 

The podcast mini-series will explore the trial’s journey from its inception in the early 2000s to the end of patient recruitment in March 2023. 

The first episode covers the landscape of prostate cancer treatment before STAMPEDE, as well how the trial was designed. It features two researchers who lead the methodological and clinical sides of the trial: Max Parmar, Professor of Medical Statistics and Epidemiology and Director of the MRC Clinical Trials Unit at UCL and UCL's Institute of Clinical Trials and Methodology, and Nick James, Professor of Prostate and Bladder Cancer Research at the Institute of Cancer Research. 

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Part two of the series is about patient and public involvement (PPI) in the trial. David Matheson, a Reader at the University of Wolverhampton and STAMPEDE patient representative, discusses the responsibilities this entails and why it is so important to champion the voices of patients. We also hear about PPI from the perspective of the trial management team. 

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In the final episode on STAMPEDE, Max Parmar and Nick James look back over the trial’s impact on clinical practice and platform trial design, and look forward to STAMPEDE2 and their hopes for the future of prostate cancer research. 

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The Trial Talk podcast is hosted and produced by Charlotte Hartley and Berta Terre-Torras, our Science Communications Officers. For questions or feedback on the series, message us on Twitter @MRCCTU, LinkedIn, or send us an email.   

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