Trial Talk podcast launches with episode on artificial intelligence for planning radiotherapy treatment

24 Oct 2022

The Trial Talk, a podcast produced by the MRCCTU at UCL, is re-launching today!

In this new series of the Trial Talk podcast, we will be exploring a broad range of studies that we carry on and the people behind the research. From what influences participant satisfaction with how trial results are shared to learning about the latest trials in multiple sclerosis and neonatal sepsis.

In this first episode, we talk to Dr Ajay Aggarwal about an exciting new study to evaluate if artificial intelligence (AI) can transform the way we plan radiotherapy in low- and middle-income countries (LMIC). The study is called ARCHERY (short for 'Artificial Intelligence based radiotherapy treatment planning for Cervical, Head and Neck and Prostate cancer').

Ajay explains how this study could improve global access to radiotherapy by automatising parts of radiotherapy treatment planning using AI. He also highlights the importance of evaluating the implementation and cost-effectiveness of this AI approach, as well as its plan to build capacity in LMIC.

Listen to this new episode of the Trial Talk podcast to find out more about the ARCHERY study.



To access the transcript click here

In the next episode, we will speak to Annabelle South, our Policy, Communications, and Research Impact coordinator, about her work on the SHOW Respect study, looking at the best ways to communicate results to trial participants.

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The Trial Talk podcast is hosted and produced by Berta Terre-Torras, our Science Communications Officer. For questions or feedback on the series, message us on Twitter @MRCCTU or send us an email.

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