The EHVA T02 trial recruits its first participant

30 Jun 2022

A big congratulations to the European HIV Vaccine Alliance (EHVA) team for their first randomisation to EHVA T02 on 21st June 2022! The first trial participant was enrolled in Switzerland, at the Lausanne University Hospital (CHUV).

EHVA T02 is a phase II randomised trial that will evaluate an experimental therapeutic HIV vaccine and an immunotherapy drug (antibody) for people living with HIV.

The trial will look at the safety and tolerability of the experimental HIV vaccine with the antibody, or the antibody alone. Further, this trial will see if either regiment can control HIV infection following interruption of antiretroviral therapy.

The trial is currently open in the UK and Switzerland and will take place also in France and Germany, which are due to open for recruitment in the next few months. The study aims recruit 69 people across European collaborating countries.

The trial is funded by the European HIV Vaccine Alliance and the Swiss government, and it receives additional funding from the Vaccine Research Institute and Inserm-ANRS.

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