MRC CTU at UCL response to COVID-19 pandemic

26 Mar 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic is affecting people and health services around the world. Our primary concern is the safety of all our study participants and minimising any additional strain on our clinical sites and staff. We are working closely with our clinical sites and partner organisations to find ways of doing this. Please contact the relevant trial team via the trial email address if you have questions about what this means for a specific study.

We are working on developing several studies looking at COVID-19, including the ACTT- EU/UK trial. We hope to open this study in April 2020. It will test drugs to treat people in hospital due the virus. The adaptive design will allow us to add new treatment comparisons as new potential ways to treat the disease are discovered.

All our office-based staff have moved to working from home. They can be contacted via the usual email addresses. Our office telephone numbers have been diverted so staff can still be reached by phone. Please contact us by email or phone rather than post, as there may be delays in receiving post.

Further information