'Getting Results Faster for Patients’ Workshop Report

01 Aug 2016

The report from the ‘Getting Results Faster for Patients Workshop’ on the 22 June 2016 is now available. As part of the MRC Festival, the MRC CTU at UCL held a half-day workshop exploring how we are trying to get faster results and impact from clinical trials. A wide variety of patient organisations attended and contributed to the workshop.
MRC CTU at UCL staff gave presentations introducing how innovative trial designs can speed up getting results from trials. The designs discussed included:

  • factorial trials
  • multi-arm multi-stage trials
  • stratified medicine trials

There was also discussion around how the Unit is trying to speed up the impact of its research, through:

  • developing a framework for adaptive meta-analysis
  • effectively communicating our research results, and working in partnership with others

These topics were then taken to small group discussions on each area to understand how we could improve our current processes. The workshop also featured demonstration stands showing how each trial design worked. You can watch the MAMS film that was shown at the workshop.

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