KONCERT HIV trial completes recruitment

17 Jun 2014

The KONCERT HIV trial has completed its recruitment target. KONCERT is examining alternative dosing for a type of antiretroviral (anti-HIV) medicine called Kaletra that is currently used in children. The KONCERT team want to thank all participants, families and research teams that have contributed to this achievement.

A total number of 173 participants from Thailand, South America and Europe have been enrolled and the study is now closed to recruitment.

The first aim of KONCERT is to find out whether taking Kaletra once-daily rather than twice-daily is safe and effective in children. It is very important to take antiretroviral medicines every day but it can be very difficult to give them to children several times per day. If medicines can be taken safely once-daily, this may make them easier to give.

The second aim of KONCERT is to get more information about the correct dose of Kaletra to give to children. This is done by measuring the level of the medicine in the child’s blood. This information is needed because a smaller Kaletra tablet for children has recently been approved in many countries using the body surface area calculation but we would like to check that dosing by weight band (which is easier for doctors to work out, so is less prone to error) can also be used.

All participants will now be followed-up for 48 weeks. Final results of the trial will be available in autumn 2013.

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