01 Aug 2013

On 1 August the MRC Clinical Trials Unit (MRC CTU) became a University Unit at University College London (UCL). The transfer of the MRC CTU to UCL is part of a wider strategic alliance between the MRC and the University which has been agreed so that we can build on and enhance our research and open up new scientific opportunities. The transfer has also provided the impetus for UCL to form an Institute of Clinical Trials and Methodology, with the MRC CTU as the founding member.

It should be emphasised that the MRC CTU’s scientific mission, distinctiveness, research strategy and collaboration with other national and international institutions will remain unchanged. In particular Professor Max Parmar, as Director of the Unit, remains accountable to the MRC for the delivery of the scientific strategy and operation of the Unit, including continuing to meet all regulatory and governance requirements for our clinical research.

The Unit will henceforth be known as the MRC CTU at UCL. Our address and contact details will not change.

As part of this transfer, the responsibility for the safeguarding of our research data will move from the MRC to the University. However, apart from this, the security procedures controlling who has access to the data and the conditions under which they are held will not change.