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The RADICALS-RT trial looked at 1396 men with prostate cancer after they had surgery to remove the cancer.

This Friday marks the beginning of the ESMO Congress 2019, where MRC Clinical Trials Unit at UCL will be presenting results from prostate and kidney cancer trials. The ESMO Congress brings together a large number of oncology professionals from across Europe. It will take place from Friday 27 September - Tuesday 1 Oct in Barcelona, Spain. Details of the MRC CTU at UCL presenta ...

Results from the TRACT trial show that children with severe anaemia do not benefit from receiving either antibiotic prophylaxis or Multi-vitamin Multi-mineral supplements for three months after they are discharged from hospital.
Giving the right amount of blood in transfusions can halve deaths among children with severe anaemia

MRCCTU at UCL to present research at Workshop on HIV Pediatrics and IAS 2019