Our Capacity Building

Our capacity building as well as formal educational efforts are aimed at expanding the skills base necessary for design, delivery, analysis and reporting of large-scale complex and often innovative clinical trials/studies and supporting research arising for use of trial data and samples.

We are committed to

  • increasing independent trials capability around the world especially in low middle income countries
  • offering our students the best possible preparation for global lives and careers

Our efforts build on the Unit’s expertise, the breadth of our trials, our global trial partnerships and our many and broad interdisciplinary research collaborations. Training activities are embedded at the core and across the complex research journey of our trials.


Enhancing skills of trial teams we work with across the globe

We develop and deliver short courses and workshops.

Improving the clinical trials ecosystem

The Unit has a long history of actively contributing to initiatives in the UK and in LMIC partner countries to improve processes and systems that support clinical research, in particular clinical trials.

Postgraduate Taught Courses

Students learn about the scientific, methodological and practical issues involved in the design, conduct, analysis, and reporting of clinical trials.

Postgraduate Research Training

Individuals who are awarded MRC research studentships carry out a research project over three or four years, leading to a PhD.