Melanie Ferrao, MRC Clinical Trials Unit at UCL Manager

Melanie leads the operational Research Admin Team in support of the wider MRC CTU objectives. Her team facilitates and co-ordinates the delivery of the Theme and Programmatic Research Objectives through operational activity.

She has specific responsibilities for supporting the Governance and Risk Management framework for the Unit. Melanie also undertakes specific Project and Programme management activities for the Unit and for the wider UCL e.g. supporting Fellowships, grants, REF activity, and Stakeholder engagement.

No two days are the same in her role and there is always more to learn and understand. Although not a scientist by training, her role within the Unit and its mission to improve patient outcomes give her the “get up and go” to work in a very exciting and dynamic environment.




Research Interests

Operational and programmatic support across all research areas.

Research Areas

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