Diana Gibb, Professor of Epidemiology

Diana Gibb is a paediatrician and Professor in Epidemiology and Clinical Trials at the Medical Research Council Clinical Trials Unit, University College, London (MRC CTU at UCL). With a career spanning over three decades, she has set up and orchestrated a global network of clinical trials and cohorts in childhood infectious diseases. Her focus started with paediatric HIV infection in Europe, leading early PENTA trials (Paediatric European Network for Treatment of AIDS 1990).

Her work extended from 2000 to coordinating multi-country trials in East and Sub-Saharan Africa, then extending to India and South East Asia. Trials address multiple strategic treatment and prevention questions, initially in paediatric and adult HIV infection, extending to Malaria, Sepsis and pneumonia, and most recently to trials of paediatric Tuberculosis. Driving to increase efficiency, she has embraced wide collaborations with pharmacologists, social scientists, economists and basic scientists to nest substudies within trials; in collaboration with trial methodologists at MRC CTU, novel trial designs address multiple questions in a single trial. She has lead on developing the hub on capacity strengthening in clinical trials on the Global Health Network.

Professor Gibb was a founder member of PENTA and is vice-chair of the PENTA Foundation Board. She has over 500 publications, and has contributed to guidelines/advisory committees/Boards for World Health Organisation, Wellcome Trust and Medical Research Council. She received an honorary doctorate from York University in 2019 and was elected fellow of the UK Academy of Medical Sciences in 2020.

Selected publications

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